Head-to-Toe Stretches for Your Golf Warmup

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Head-to-Toe Stretches for Your Golf Warmup

Postby Angelbabysister » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:28 am

In an optimum golf warmup routine, stretching follows a quick aerobic "sweat breaker" callaway x-24 ironsand precedes progressive swinging (making practice or driving range swings with shorter clubs first, working your way up to woods).

I prefer a "head-to-toe" approach to stretching, because it provides a way for me to remember to include all the major muscle groups in sequence. Hold each stretch for fifteen to twenty seconds. ping k15 irons Avoid stretching beyond the point of pain, and never bounce to stretch. Stretch one side of the body, then the other. Repeat the stretches three or four times for each side.

Neck Rotation
Turn your head all the way to the left and hold. Titleist 913 D2 driver You can add a little more stretch by pushing your chin with your fingertips. Repeat for the right side.

Neck Flexion
Pretend you are looking at a spot of mustard on your shirt. Flex your neck to bring your chin as close to your chest as you can go and hold.

Lateral Neck Stretch
Looking straight ahead, cock your head to the left as if you were trying to bring your left ear to your shoulder (don't cheat by shrugging your shoulder up to meet your ear). Repeat for the right side.

Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Pretend you have an itch between your shoulder blades. Hold your left arm across your body and grab the back of your left elbow with your right hand. cheap golf clubs Pull the left elbow in as far as you can so that your left fingertips can reach your upper back. Repeat for the right shoulder.

Anterior Shoulder and Chest Stretch
Hold a club with both hands behind your back, elbows extended. Now stick out your chest while you raise the club back away from your body and hold.
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