GPS proximity alert, gps never turns off after firing.

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GPS proximity alert, gps never turns off after firing.

Postby neubanks89 » Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:16 am

I have an application that registers a proximity alert and sends a text message when the person gets in range of a predetermined location. It works great but after the alert fires the gps icon on the status bar remains active until the phone reboots! It doesn't seem like the gps is actually on or doing anything though. Any help on how to properly remove all GPS listeners/proximity alerts, etc. I've tried implementing this as a location-changed service as well and everytime i use gps in my app, it seems to lock up like i said above.

I'm pretty sure all it is, is that i don't know exactly how to shut down the proximity alert.

I have tried adding a location manager and calling the remove proximity method on it in the onDestroy and/or onStop/onPause methods, but to no avail. Does it have something to do the pending intent not being set up properly.

If someone could post an easy example of a gps application that works and shuts down all the gps services it starts correctly that would be amazing!
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