Getting Cell Tower Location using Google Services...

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Getting Cell Tower Location using Google Services...

Postby apurva.giri » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:26 pm

Though i'm a newbie on this platform, still, i've been trying to develop a tracking system for lost/stolen phone. Its easy to fetch LATITUDE & LONGITUDE through the GPS device but there's no way one can switch on the GPS w/o user interaction. If the GPS is off, the system fails. So, better would be to implement a CELL TOWER based tracking system. Till now, I've coded (or copied) the content that can easily fetch the nearest cell tower CID and NAC and thus send it to ericsson lab server to get the coordinates. And then, the coordinates are required to be sent to Google reverse GeoCoding server to get the xml format address / location name and then use string parse to extract the location name and send as an SMS to a predefined phone number. But the problem is, ericsson only allows 1000 clicks per KEY and i'm thinking of commercializing the product. They don't even reply to the mails.
Hence, I would like to know if there is a way to use Google My Location to get the location name directly from the CID to my android app or any other service. If there is, please provide a code to integrate it to my app.
Any support will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :-)
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