Detecting panning and zooming

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Detecting panning and zooming

Postby pedroteixeira07 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:20 pm

Hello, I'm trying to build my map on android to do something like this:

But I have two problems:
1) I set the code to get the boundaries of the screen ( so that I just show the overlays of that visible fraction of the map ) but I'm always getting 0 from the mapView.getLatitudeSpan(). My approach is, by knowing the center, latitudespan and longitudespan I calculated the boundaries, and I send those values to a server that run an algorithm and filter the pictures I want to show). Me question is, does anyone know how to solve this LatitudeSpan issue? Or another approach for this?

2) I have now idea how I'll make this overlays refresh once some panning or zooming is done. So my question is, how can I detect when this moves are finished? Does any one have any suggestion/example?
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