Details for Blu-ray

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Details for Blu-ray

Postby 99sanni » Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:26 am

Know Your Blu-ray Formats first
BDAV: The Blu-ray Disc Audio/Visual format allows for HD video clips and chapters but lacks menu navigation. Instead, it plays right through.
BDMV: Blu-ray Disc Movie discs contain HD video clips and a menu for navigation, much as a commercial movie disc does.
AVCHD: Advanced Video Codec for High Definition is the new digital standard for HD camcorders. Files in this format can be burned directly to a Blu-ray disc and played in your set-top player; they do not contain navigation menus, however.
BDAV can be burned only to a true Blu-ray disc, while both BDMV and AVCHD can be mastered onto DVD media as well as BD-R/RE. Most of the consumer authoring programs mentioned here can create BDMV and AVCHD discs, which are the types we will focus on in this article.

Create Your Own Blu-Ray Discs
If you're enough of an early adopter to have an HD camcorder as well as an HDTV and a set-top Blu-ray player, you're probably itching to create high-definition discs from your footage and present them on your big HD screen.
Sure, you could just plug your camcorder into your TV and press Play, but then you'd miss out on all the great HD features that Blu-ray has to offer. I'll show you how to trim and rearrange your clips, add chapter markers, and create an attractive Blu-ray disc navigation menu, just as you would for a standard-def DVD, as well as how to burn the disc;for playback on your Blu-ray player.
Blu-ray Creator for Mac is a professional Mac DVD Creator or Mac Blu-ray Burner which enables you to create both DVD and Blu-ray disc from any video formats unlimitedly on Mac OS X(Mountain Lion included). DVD-5/DVD-9, BD-25/BD-50 and ISO Image are supportable for meeting with various using purposes.

Rip Blu-Ray
"How to rip and convert a Blu-ray main movie to a single MP4, M4V or MKV using free software. Presets for iPhone and Android."
Blu-Ray to MP4 Mac Ripper is perfect tool to rip Blu-Ray to MP4 with high ripping speed and excellent HD-quality. It can rip and convert Blu-ray (M2TS) videos into MP4, HD MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, Apple TV h.264 720P, etc.
Note: MP4 to Blu-Ray Mac Creator allows you to make blu-ray from MP4.

If you haven't yet bought a Blu-ray player, you might want to test a few models in the store with the disc formats (BDMV, AVCHD) and media types (BD-R, BD-RE, DVD) you plan to use.
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