Cyber Monday Giveaway-Buy MTS Converter Mac Free

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Cyber Monday Giveaway-Buy MTS Converter Mac Free

Postby Vincent121 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:32 am

Cyber Monday Giveaway-Buy MTS Converter Mac Free Get DVD Creator Mac! Time-limited! Rush to Buy!

Breaking News: During Pavtube Thanksgiving Day 2012 Sales! Buy One Get One Free and Up to 50% OFF! Time-limited! Rush to Buy! Only Nov. 14 - Dec. 10 2012!


3D camcorders are becoming popular in the market, more and more people buy a 3D camcorder to record vivid 3D images, compared to 2D video, 3D video give us unprecedented enjoyment, so it's great to have a 3D camcorder made by Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio.

You may have got a Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio 3D camcorder and you want to watch 3D video on HD TV or portable devices, in this case you need a 3D MTS converter to convert recorded AVCHD files, Pavtube MTS converter is the best tool to convert 3D MTS files, below is a guide for you, you can follow it to convert 3D MTS file.

You may have got a Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio 3D camcorder which record AVCHD videos, because Sony, JVC and Panasonic camcorders mainly use AVCHD as the recording video format. After recording, you may want to convert 3D AVCHD video for playback or editing on Mac or Win, at this time, you need a Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio 3D AVCHD converter, to convert recorded 3D AVCHD files, Pavtube MTS Converter for Mac/Win can help you, it has added 3D conversion feature, below is a brief guide for you to convert 3D AVCHD video on Windows and Mac.

1. Download Pavtube 3D MTS Converter for Mac, if you need to run it on windows platform, download 3D MTS Converter. It's an excellent 3D AVCHD MTS Converter which can help you convert recorded 3D MTS files to any formats you want with 3D effect.


2. Run this software and import the Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio 3D AVCHD files you want to convert.

3. Click format bar to choose output format, you can choose HD Video -> H.264 HD Video (*.mp4). With this Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio 3D MTS Converter, you can easily transcode recorded HD videos to MP4 for playback, or AVI/WMV format, or ProRes MOV, AIC MOV for editing.


4.You can click settings button to adjust the output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, etc.

5.Click convert button to start.

After converting the Sony/Panasonic/JVC Everio 3D AVCHD videos, you can watch or edit 3D AVCHD with best format as you want. The software supports many 3D camcorders, for example, it can convert Sony 3D AVCHD video, convert JVC 3D video, convert Panasonic 3D video, etc. Now just download this 3D AVCHD converter and have a try.

You can find more solutions to MTS video by visiting MTS column in Pavtube website. Or to use DVD Creator to burn 3D AVCHD to DVD disc/ISO for backup and playback. Now Pavtube starts theThanksgiving promotion activity, if you buy converter products, you can get free DVD Creator, please take a look.
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