Custom tile data source -- How to display?

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Custom tile data source -- How to display?

Postby vismobr » Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:15 am

Hello, I'm an experienced developer that's new to the Android platform looking to port a sub-set of existing functionality found in one of my legacy applications to Android. In particular the feature set I'm moving to Android has to do with mapping. The data itself is of a scientific nature that I need to geo-reference over a base map. I present the data to my applications by way of a TMS feed. I also have a WMS feed and a google maps style feed in the http://url/LOD/x/y/ format. In order for my Android app to display this data it needs to ingest one of these feeds; preferably the TMS feed. Here's a sample TMS feed (not mine, but a sample) URL:
Layer name:basic Format:png Service version:1.0.0

I've read through a lot of posts, articles, web-sites and so on. It appears that there is not a straight forward way to accomplish this using the Android SDK. However, I am a beginner and this SDK is new to me hence my post.

With that, here are my questions and comments:

* Can I use the SDK to display this tile data on Google Maps?

* I have read about overlays. I don't think that's a solution for this particular problem as my data is not found in one contiguous image. It's all tile data.

* I have read about osmdroid and gvSIG Mini for Android. Can anyone recommend either of those development kits? Any feedback at all?

* Hardware. As of right now I only have the emulator. I am considering purchasing an Android tablet for testing and development. Does anyone have recommendations here? Would it be better to purchase an inexpensive phone with no service plan? What can you suggest?

That's it really. I have tiled scientific data in a tile format that I want to display on Android. What's the best practice?

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