Connectivity boolean to NOT display map?

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Connectivity boolean to NOT display map?

Postby iaindownie » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:51 pm

I want to use the following, or similar code, within a mapping application, where the map, although showing, is secondary to getting lats/longs and grid references from the GPS (meaning the map just helps you see where you are, the GPS is returning the true data to the user.

Code to detect if you have a connection:
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  1. boolean online = true;
  2. ConnectivityManager mConnectivity;
  3. NetworkInfo info = mConnectivity.getActiveNetworkInfo();
  4. if (info == null || !mConnectivity.getBackgroundDataSetting()) {
  5.  online = false;
  6. }
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But, if there is no connection, I'd rather not show the grey, empty map screen that you typically get when looking at a map out of network range. Instead, I would rather show a warning message or something that means the user will at least not panic or get frustrated.

Anyone know if it's possible, and if this code i hacked from StackOverFlow helps?
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