“Burning down the house! hold close, wait til the parties o

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“Burning down the house! hold close, wait til the parties o

Postby Ever47 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:12 am

“Burning down the house! hold close, wait til the parties over. Hold tight, were sure the nasty weather. There has to be some way. Burning down the house!” Yea, burn witches burn! Ohio sorry, simply doing alittle singing, and celebrating what's hopefully attending to be the tip of Marnie/Antonia. i suppose it's time to urge into my thoughts on episode ten, “Burning Down the House.” The house isn’t the sole issue that's burning as a result of the storylines square measure alight. There square measure such a lot of sensible scenes during this episode it's ridiculous. As you recognize, i used to be dying at the tip of episode nine thus i used to be excited for this gap scene. Bill and Eric fighting is usually fun. I even have to mention, Bill perpetually comes ready. sensible issue he had that gun. and the way regarding Nan obtaining dirty with alittle blood splatter to the face… nice! after all, she couldn’t lie with while not being annoying with the full image issue.

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however Sookie scarf everyone’s thunder once she blasted Eric. What a shoot! Knocked that spell right out of him. I didn’t see that coming back, nor did i feel Antonia would feel sorry what she did. it's pretty cool however she created the sheriffs, Roy, and herself disappear. one thing I did apprehend was that Nan would create a problem out of not knowing what Sookie might do. This sparked one in every of many arguments that Nan had with Bill and company. the simplest was once they were all back behind bars, and silvered. Nan was passing out true deaths like Oprah passes out cars. Apparently Bill can get a special death. Then Eric and Pam. i ponder if Jessica gets one too… probably? She simply needed to kill, provides a lady a prospect. I do need to question why Eric wasn’t silvered right down to a bed considering he's the strongest of the bunch.

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The witches, despite what Roy thinks, didn’t win something. God, I can’t wait till he gets it. Lets sick Jessica on him! Antonia tried to rally the witches, however it had been arduous once she was losing religion moreover. In most likely the foremost fascinating and sudden scene of the night, Antonia’s spirit comes out of Marnie to own a heart to heart. i actually didn’t expect to ascertain another facet of Antonia. there's truly some sensible in her. If I had to position a stake United Nations agency would win that argument, i'd have stake Antonia. United Nations agency knew Marnie may be thus convincing? That was a good case she created. If she doesn’t get burned to death, perhaps she will be able to be a attorney. or even not, which may offer them one more reason to burn her.

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