Application doesn't receive gps updates for days...

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Application doesn't receive gps updates for days...

Postby jfinnis » Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:48 pm

I am working on a research project and am having problems with retrieving GPS location updates on the unlocked dev g1 phone. I have a mapactivity and a location listener which centers the map and performs some computation on the location, which I benchmark. This application works... sometimes. I'll be able to test and benchmark the app for a couple days, then the next couple days I won't receive a single location update. During one run of the app, I was able to see that i received about 800 location updates (out of a thousand), and then did not receive another until a few days later. Nothing appeared in logcat to explain why no more location updates were sent.

I do get this message each time I run the app, not sure what it means or if it is relevant.
11-21 12:17:02.776: ERROR/MapActivity(18930): Couldn't get connection factory client

I get that message no matter if the GPS works or does not work. Does anyone have any ideas? I've searched a little and seen people bring up API keys, but I'm pretty sure that isn't it as the app receives GPS updates half the time.
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