Altitude information

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Altitude information

Postby cedcox » Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:50 am

I'm trying desperately to retrieve altitude information of a kml file.

The emulator returns the longitude and latitude, not the altitude. A priori this is normal since SupportAltitude returns false. I have not managed to activate the management of altitude for the provider "gps"

I also tried by creating a new provider with the command addTestProvider with altitude support but i can't read my kml.

I try by telnet with geo fix and by emulator control, and i don't have directory /data/misc/location for push properties file. I created it, but it doesn't work.

My application to aviation purposes and without information on altitude, I'm not going to go very far.

Could someone tell me how to retrieve the information on altitude? i have worked on it for 5 days ago and i'm desesperate.

Info android 1.6 SDK r1
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