adding Javadoc for OSMDROID in eclipse

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adding Javadoc for OSMDROID in eclipse

Postby whitetiger » Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:49 pm

Since Javadocs tell you some details about the classes and methdos it's good to have the javadocs associated with ur project libraries so that in eclipse when u hover the mouse over keywords u get hints. If you are using OSMDROID libraries in your app u can follow the steps below to add javadocs to ur project OSMDROID libraries:

1. go to this link: ... p&can=2&q= and downlioad the javadocs(zip file)

2. extract the zip file to a convenient location in ur drive.

3. right click referenced libraries of ur project in eclipse package explorer.

4. right click osmdroid-android-3.x.x.--jar and select build path>configure build path.

5. u'll be taken to properties>java build path.

6. select libraries tab.

7. then under osmdroid-android-3.x.x.. jar select java doc location.

8. edit and in the javadoc location path click browse and select the location where u saved the extracted zip files in step 2.

thats it.
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