accelerometer issues

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accelerometer issues

Postby bvg_1 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:03 am

hi all,
i've developed an accelerometer driver for kionix accelerometer part (KXTF9-4100).
using this, When I'm holding my device in landscape or portrait, i'm seeing the display orientation getting changed correctly.
but when i'm trying to play games based on accelerometer they are not playing correctly.
when i compared my axes info with some of the android phones available in the market, they are not matching.

i've few questions in this regard:
1. In which units (e.g., m/s2 or in multiples of g itself or milli-g's etc) acceleration data is expected by android framework from the accelerometer driver?
2. For a game to be played on two android devices, is there any need for the acceleration data to be matched exactly between various devices?
3. the part that i used supports tilt and tap detection too apart from the acceleration data. Is there any way for passing this data to android framework?

Looking forward to your valuable comments..
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