LG V900 (aka Optimus Pad)

LG V900 (aka Optimus Pad)

Postby firstdeathmaker » Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:27 am

Hi there,

anybody who knows how to get the usb-driver to develop with adb on that device? I've googled for serveral day's now, annoyed the lg-support but no one could help me so far.

Im on a

Win XP SP3 32-Bit VM (Work)
Win7 SP1 64-Bit Real System (Home, just for testing if the VM is the problem)

What I did so far on the VM:

1. Auto-Install. Didn't work.
2. Downloaded LG-Updater. Problem: Device is not in List.
3. Tried to install Google-USB Adapter. Also failed.

What I did so far at home:
1. Auto-Install. It installs 2 of the 3 Drivers. Makes me copy files on and from the device, but "adb devices" doesn't show me up the tablet. Think the one missing driver is the one I still need.

Did anybody happen to run this device for debugging his applications? Is the google usb driver appropiate for the lg v900?

thanks for any answers...

Edit: Found the correct driver for usb-debugging:

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