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WTB: a screen with gauges

Postby regulatre » Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:40 pm

We're working on an application which displays live vehicle data on the screen of your Android phone.

All the logic is written except the user interface screen.

What we're looking for is a screen which looks like the instrument cluster of a vehicle and displays live data.

What we need, and will pay someone to design, is this screen. You will have to write your own custom view (the gauges) which you can then place at various spots on the layout. The view should be written in a way that allows customization - changeable needle, changeable background. You would also need to provide default images so that the screen looks visually appealing on completion.

The screen should take the form of an installable Android application, which, when installed, displays the instrument cluster and all the gauges update to demonstrate their functionality.

We're looking to pay someone $500 to design this screen within one week.

We're posting this in a few different locations, and the project will be awarded to the first most eligible candidate.
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