Someone to port The Impossible Game onto Android

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Someone to port The Impossible Game onto Android

Postby FlukeDude » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:43 pm

Hi there,

You may know of The Impossible Game, which has been one of the best selling Xbox Live Indie Games and has remained in the top ten since its release. It was also released on iPhone and Apple chose it as "App of the Week" and it reached number two in paid apps in the US and Canada.

Well now's your opportunity to get in on it, because I'm looking for someone to make it for Android! I can provide all the graphics and music, and snippets of code that will help to build the engine. Essentially I'm looking for an exact clone of the iPhone app on Android.

So why am I getting someone else to do it? After already making TIG twice I'm not up for making it again, and I have other projects I want to work on. We'll split revenue 70-30 (you get 30%), and considering the success it's had so far this could be a very good opportunity for you.

If you're interested please email me at, showing all your past work related to games, and we can discuss this further.

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Re: Someone to port The Impossible Game onto Android

Postby blundell » Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:17 pm

GZ Ed!

Haaaaaaaaaa that game is well good! I'm addicted already!

I would do your port but I'm extremely busy. If your still looking for a dev in 4 weeks time (which I doubt), drop me a message.
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