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Satsuma Audio - Professional Sound Design and Composition

Postby SatsumaAudio » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:48 pm

Hi there!

My name is Lawrence Steele and I am a composer and sound designer specialising in creating audio for games operating under the name 'Satsuma Audio' (I just really like citrus fruit)

Games and music have always been my favourite things in life (except citrus fruits) and so to have the opportunity to combine them both to make a living is just awesome.

I have 10+ years experience creating audio and have made sounds for numerous published titles, mainly iOS and web based. I give 100% (not 110% because that is impossible) on every job I do and always strive to create outstanding audio.



My rates are "indie-friendly", flexible and can be adjusted to suit the budget of any project, plus I am always open to negotiation so just let me know what you need and I'm sure we can come to an arrangement that suits both of us!



I pride myself on my versatility and love to create music in all different styles. Everything from orchestral fantasy to lighthearted, casual game themes to chiptunes and even dubstep (or how about ninja boss fight, or orchestral fantasy dubstep!)

I have also created a Video Showreel which showcases some of the projects I have worked on and the audio I created for them.


Sound Design

While I originally got into game audio through a love of composition, it didn't take long for sound design to become just as exciting and rewarding. I have created sound effects for numerous games, everything from UI clicks and puzzle game combo sounds, to magic spells, robots and even a cat firing a laser beam out of its nose (yes this actually happened!)

I have put together a Sound Design Demo Reel which shows some examples of my work and the range of sounds I can create.

I am also experienced with audio middleware such as FMOD and WWise and have experience implementing sounds within the Unity engine.


My full portfolio and credits list can be found on my site (short URLs are what are the cool kids are wearing these days)
Get in touch via email or forum PM if you have any questions :)

Lawrence Steele

@SatsumaAudio on the tweets
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