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Re: Application Development and Consulting Needed

Postby wescorp » Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:31 pm

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>>Since Google released the "early look" Android platform, I've been
>>busy developing my Android application and have it pretty far along.
>>Also now I've realized an additional application I'd like to develop.
T>>his application would be for all mobile platforms having location
>>ecognition. The phone end of this application is relatively simple
>>while the backend would be more complex. The applications purpose is
>>to provide users improved commuting services while in traffic in their
>>automobiles without interferring with driver responsibilities. This
>>application will be huge saving time, energy, and fuel for all, even
>>for drivers without location equipped mobile devices.

>>Apologies for not fully revealing details now. This application
>>clearly has value and can be monetized by conventional methods. I'm
>>seeking developers and development resources to create, maintain, and
>>profit from this application. If interested, please contact with your
>>details and interests or reply here.

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