Opportunity: 2D Schematic Rendering App

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Opportunity: 2D Schematic Rendering App

Postby jshailes » Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:03 am

We currently have an app as a java applet that needs porting to android asap. I thought about taking the work on myself but being a novice in android dev and up to my eyeballs in other things it seems a good idea to put the opportunity on here.

The app is basically a schematic renderer. We currently have a web service that returns a collection of lines in the form [[x1y1,x2y2],[x2y2,x3,y3],...]. What I need is an android app that receives this data and plots the lines. The interface needs to pan and zoom using the touchscreen since the schematic is too big to fit on the screen.

If anyone is interested pm me or email james.shailes@act-consultancy.com, alternatively my mobile number is +447809776367.
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