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New Gaming Company Seeks Java/Droid Dev

Postby rizongames » Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:37 pm

Rizon Games is a new gaming company that has been drafting and developing a vast story line that will now cross over into the gaming world. The Rizon universe is vast and full of depth and lore. We are seeking a developer that would like to join the team and assist with developing Android games. They may or may not be based in the Rizon universe, but will be sold under the Rizon Games name. One member is currently learning Android development but is still very green and is seeking a slightly more experience programmer to assist. You would receive compensation from a portion of the profits made from the game. This amount would be decided upon when you are hired and have agreed to signing an NDA. We are a laid back fun group that seeks to make fun and challenging games. The first game on the list for Android will be a game based in a chat room. If you have experience in that area, that would be a plus. Feel free to join our forums at or email me at
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