Need someone to build a Web Service class.

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Need someone to build a Web Service class.

Postby GasBot » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:54 pm

I'd like to have a class built that will allow me to easily work with .NET SOAP Web Services. I'd like to be able to instantiate the class with the URL to the service and then just be able to fire off calls and the function would return the data that came back from the method pulled out of it's SOAP envelope. Basically if I could invoke it like this

WebService myWS = new WebService(serviceURL);
DocumentBuilder (or whatever the object is to handle XML) serviceResponse = myWS.callMethod("method1", param1, param2, etc.);

Or it can handle the parameters in a Vector if that's how you have to do it in Java.

I'm willing to pay for this, so please send me any quotes. Thanks!
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