Need custom edit text control made

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Need custom edit text control made

Postby compguru910 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:49 am

Ok, so I have been working on making an app for a while, but I have so many other projects going and low motivation as it is to complete, that I would rather just higher a developer to finish off a part for me, and hopefully that will get me moving again in the right direction. Pretty much I need a custom control made that has an edit text in it, and a Text view to the left that displays the number of lines. Pretty much like you would see in any IDE is what I need. If you can program into the control syntax highlighting by supplying with an array of keywords that would be great too (needs to run on seperate thread for performance). Pay is negotiable. You can reply to this thread, hit me up on Skype (my username) or send me an email (username at gmail). Hope to hear from you all soon.

P.s. I need this to be a solid piece of code, and not buggy. So please have prior examples of work to share.
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