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Looking for prospective dev, full time

Postby zeveso » Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:32 am

First off, I know I’m not active here. I likely will be later though... I am a dev myself.

I am writing a business plan, on page 25, and need this one question answered. Also need written intentions from a dev I like when I begin to contact investors.

After I get the investment needed the Dev will be paid from the very beginning in which ever payment method they wish for.

The team:
Me, a dev, artist, and composer. No positions are filled yet! keep that in mind

I need a dev who can at least write all the code for a game idea that has already been laid out in detail beforehand. All will be 2D and requires real knowledge of OpenGL ES used on android. Goal is 2 to 3 games a year. It will be full time work once started and you will work from home.

I need to know how many games a year you think you could pull out WITH quality and realistically think about! How many?

If you want more details pm here and if you would like to chat my skype is gemurdock. Looking for experienced coders, so I do expect a portfolio of some sort... or at least proof you can code and speak english... past that IDC if you have been arrested for robbing a charity. :) (NOT REALLY, but you get the point)

Thanks ahead of time! Lets get something started! :)
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