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Looking for programmers

Postby cloudjubei » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:28 am

For the past year I've been coding for the Android platform and at the moment have 2 games that are stalled and 1 that I'm currently working on.
I am using the libgdx framework to speed things up (I've done pure coding with OpenGL before but it's way too much to get many things working).
Basically, the 2 stalled projects are up for grabs for anyone who would want to build upon them and do something with me about them. I am happy to 'show off' what is working etc and work on them in my spare time. I simply don't have that much time to get these working, but would love to see that the code doesn't go to waste, so am happy just to give people code and see what comes out of it.

Tower Defence
The 1st game is a tower defence game, I have pretty much all the code for all the basics, only a couple of menus is all that's left to do (I even have a lot of the graphics - i.e. tower animations done), so if someone wants to do a cool tower defence (I think my idea for it was a bit different than the ones already out there), then PM me.

Puzzle Game
The 2nd game is a puzzle game like Risk or actually more like Strategery for the iPhone, but of course with a twist that I haven't seen in these kind of games. I've done the level generator and all the model classes. A couple more controls are needed to be done and the graphics need to be enhanced. This seems a lot simpler than the previous one (the TD can be expanded massively), so there isn't really that much to be done on it, but still, someone has to sit down and make it playable.

Football Manager
The 3rd is what I'm currently working on as part of my degree. It's the AI for a football manager game, and at the moment I have a football game being played and am constantly adding new stuff to make it as real life as possible. The graphics is some simple 2D just to see what is happening. This is the one I've put the most work in and if someone was to add some user-friendly menus and come up with a way to make it enjoyable for the user, then all the rest is already there + I am trying to make it better and better all the time. I think this could be the best game out of all 3 (in terms of complexity), but obviously would require the most time.

As I said, I am happy to show people the working bits and share code if you tell me what's up and what kinda idea you have.

PM me if you're interested.
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