Looking for developper: The best Android Video app ever ($0)

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Looking for developper: The best Android Video app ever ($0)

Postby Charbax » Sat May 09, 2009 12:42 am

Well, I might be able to find some money on completed application. Limited, I am not rich. Unless you convince me that you are good and can do it then I may be able to find a sponsor.

But firstly I would like to find a talented Android developer who would like to partner with me to create the worlds best embedded Android video application ever.

- It would also hook up to Google App Engine as the backend to serve recommended video feeds and links.

- Imagine stumbleupon/reddit.tv video recommendations engine streaming video contents from the whole web to your Android device.

- This is going to be the killer application on the Archos Android device that is coming up but it will also work on any other Android device that supports web video playback (can filter content according to the specific hardware video playback codec/resolution/bitrate limitations). It will bring all video sites like Youtube, all video podcasts and more sources for videos into Android as personalized recommendations.

You may already have some good ideas for what I am talking about. Though I have some very specific ideas for how I envision this be done. So if you are serious about hearing more about this idea, please send me an email at charbax at the gmail.

This idea is going to be bigger than Android itself.
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