Looking for developper: The best Android Party app ever ($0)

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Looking for developper: The best Android Party app ever ($0)

Postby Charbax » Sat May 09, 2009 12:58 am

Name of application: Party Locator

Functions: Big Green button reports that the party at current location is good,
red button means it's boring. (the specific party doesn't have to be pre-entered in the database, but if there is a party near location in database it asks "Are you at __this__ party? Yes/No)

Map mode shows real-time overview of the city and all the cool parties going on. Real-time map also available on a website.

Eventually you can personalize the party recommendations by taste. (people who like the same kind of music automatically recommend to the same type of people through recommendations filters)

Upload real-time pictures and videos from parties.

Also pull party schedules and DJ names from the Internet. To also generate party recommendations in advance based on previous party ratings by all users.

Eventually combine this with Open Social and Facebook connect, so you can also filter to only display party status and recommendations from your friends.

This application will make it possible to party awesomely in every city 24 hours a day and 365 days a week.

I can pay you on results if you like this idea and want me to guide you through building it. Please don't steal this idea without at least crediting me for the idea. Although I know there already are some Android applications and projects underway that promise to deliver features that are kind of like that.

I posted this idea the first time on September 25th 2008 at http://moderator.appspot.com/ if you search for Party Locator in Lifestyle.
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