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Looking for Developer for OTA Project

Postby cellpeddler » Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:35 pm

• Familiarity with Android SDK and/or other Java-based mobile development APIs.
• Familiarity with Android platform tools and AOSP
• Experience developing Android applications
• Familiarity with VoIP and the SIP protocol
• Experience developing firmware for commercial Android devices.
• Good understanding of kernel internals (e.g. SMP locking, cache coherency, VM management) and device drivers.
• Good knowledge of source-code management systems – git and others.
• Control plane software integration and modding
• Experience with ios sdk is a plus.

* 2-5 years of professional software development (structured, maintainable, object-oriented)
* 1-2 years of iPhone and/or Android development
* 1-2 years of Objective-C or Java, and applicable frameworks
* API request and response (web services, JSON, XML, REST, etc.)
* Responsible, reliable and hard working with excellent communication skills
* Proven ability to independently complete a feature-rich app, with minimal supervision, top quality, and tight deadlines
20k for completion of project
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