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Looking for Android developer with NDK experience

Postby mrx3000 » Thu May 05, 2011 11:46 pm

I am beginning work on porting a (crossplatform) project to Android. Significant portion of the project is expected to be built as native code that performs graphics and data processing. UI and top level would, naturally, be Java.

I am the developer, and Android is a new platform to me. To reduce the steep learning curve, I am looking for Android developer with experience in NDK (preferably in building graphic/imaging-related applications and/or applications that use 3rd party libraries) for an initial bootstrap/tutoring.

The gig is expected to go on for 2-4 weeks, remotely (naturally). Topics we'll need to cover include:
- Setting up optimal Android dev. environment with emphasis on maintainability and debugging of native components, if possible
- Building native libraries using "linux" toolchain
- Building effective Anrdoid UI
- Integration of native code

I would expect the process to consist of daily guided sessions, followed by me "doing homework". Timing is flexible, and I will work with your schedule.

Please pm if interested with availability, experience and rates.
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