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Looking for Android Developer

Postby megtanael » Tue May 01, 2012 1:37 am

Job Summary:

· Expertise in Java
· Expertise in C++
· Expertise in embedded Linux device driver
· Expertise in embedded Linux core / file system / scheduler / debugging
· Expertise in Android Platform

· We would like to offer a position for a developer. We would need someone local, but they do not have to come to the office every day. We need to create custom roms for multiple Android phones, and have this person create updates for those roms as soon as new updates are released. This would be temporary, with a full time option available based on performance. Anyone local can come to our location and verify that we and this position exist.


· Excellent Java and C++ programming skills
· Excellent Java and C++ debugging skills
· Good understanding of embedded Linux
· Experience with embedded Linux device driver
· Understanding the ARM architecture, Linux Kernel, BSP, and graphics / multimedia frameworks
· Programming experiences (5+ years) in C/C++ in embedded OS environment
· Experience in the Android system such as OpenCore, rendering and audio scheme
· Hands-on experience in mobile related device drivers, middleware, Android

· English

Responsibilities and Duties:
· Developing / adding features to Android Platform
· Develop the Android kernel device drivers and Android platform

Please either reply to thread with your resume or send it to gilles@planetcellinc.com
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