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Looking for a guru for an android developer job

Postby KennetRose » Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:58 am

Looking for a good Android application developer.

The application will use a webservice (maybe), GPS functions & maps, video, text, audio and be hooked into ads.
The best part is that it is sort of a game! No "game" style coding needed however... (you don't have to build mobile quake) The backoffice side is oracle and already started.

I am looking for a partner / developer. You can get in on the ground floor of a startup.

Ideal candidates get "it" and can work at a fast pace. This is for the guru that is sick of working for morons and never gets a crack at the upside of the business. You should be able to speak perfect English and just want to kick A** on an Android app that will be available as soon as the phones are in the mass market! I am not looking for someone to be experimenting the whole time. Partnerships with major cell provider companies already started.

The first step is to get the Android app working with a web service.. possible even make our own protocol?
We need a method to get info into the phone as fast as possible.. most of the data is small except for some video..
I would like to send a bundle into the phone and have the phone extract it as needed. A web service is just one way to do this.. I am open to other methods.. even if they are custom.
From there we need to build the very simple logic and GUI on the phone. You should have a long history of application development, be one of the leaders that teach others how to get things done and have time to immediately dedicate to a project.

Anyone interested please email me directly at ktl at winematurity.com (the app has nothing to do with that domain name) (you have to fix that email...trying to stop the scrappers ...no spam please... (like that works) Please put "Android developer" somewhere in the title of the email..

You will have to sign a non-disclosure etc..

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Re: Looking for a guru for an android developer job

Postby blundell » Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:57 pm

"You will have to sign a non-disclosure etc.."

Dahm I'll never know what the app was!
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