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looking for a fun partner

Postby aiibis » Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:50 am

my name is mike and im from michigan. im looking for someone with the same spunk that i have for this platform. im an artist by trade and have done a few projects for a friend that got me into this. he has since passed on, i was the brains and the art he did all the coding. so in his honor id like to finish what we started. we researched for 3 months digging deep into the trends of andriod market. and came up with 6 easy app's we wanted to bring to market.

id love more then anything to get to know someone with the knowledge that i lack to complete my friends dreams of placing his first app in the market. i have no coding skill other then what he started to show me before his passing. and to be honest i haven't touched the sdk in a month but id love to learn along with someone willing to join me. ive never posted to any boards before but this was his place to come for help. and ive seen great things here. tonight i started to try my hand again at coding and failed. so here i am. i will be willing to split everything down the middle. time credit and money for the app's id love to see come from 3 folded papers on my desk.

please feel free to email me at mike.d.karl@gmail.com

thanks again for your time.
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