Looking for a developer to create a news app

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Looking for a developer to create a news app

Postby DavidWilburn » Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:30 pm


I am looking for someone to create a great looking news app for me. The app will use rss feeds to locate content. Details are below.

I will spec the overall aesthetic design, but it will be along the lines of the picture at the bottom on this post. Also, I would like to discuss the possibility of creating a widget to go with this app.

Fuller description of the requirements:

I require an app which feeds news and content from rss. The backend of this (rss feed) is available as open source. So the main requirements are as follows:

Skinning the app.

I need a solid looking frontend giving the users the following choices:

    Up to 11 categories of feeds that they can choose to subscribe too (assuming 12 buttons on the home page).

    A subpage which contains a selection of blogs (again, taken from rss feeds) which users can also choose to subscribe too.

Once an article is clicked on it must open in the phone, properly skinned to appear with our app. It should also offer options to upload to twitter, facebook etc, with our app details auto included. Other links and adverts should also be auto included to the articles and uploads.

Our server side admin should allow us to:

Set and change the rss feeds
Set and change all adverts, links etc

RSS is not mentioned in the app frontend. We use this in the backend to provide the content.

Initially the app will be made for android, and then cloned for iPhone. Please provide a price to make it for android only. Along with details of other apps you have made in the past.

Please also provide a costs estimate, a time estimate, and some details regarding requirments at my end. For instance I have a dedicated linux server which runs my business website. Will this be acceptable for our admin backend?

Many thanks


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Postby young » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:18 am

email : young@wimolife.com

skype: wimolife

msn: getrmb@hotmail.com

you can sign in the android market and search "drhu", will list all our product.
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