I am in need of a media player service for my app

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I am in need of a media player service for my app

Postby theshane » Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:56 am


I wrote an app called Almost Hands Free that was picked up by Gizmodo and Lifehacker and many other blogs. This was great to boost sales a bit (I didn't make alot....) but I am left unsatisfied with a part of my app and need someone to help me write a functioning media player service.

Basically I have it set up now where I send it an album id, song id, or playlst id and it builds a playlist and starts playing.

It is functional but not to the standard that I want.

I just need someone to write the mediaplayer service and give me clear instruction on how to use it. It should include the code for building a playlist based off of a cursor and allowing the playlist to be shuffled or unshuffled at any time.

If you have written a media player before or know that you can help me, please get a hold of me by emailing shane.burgess _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com and we can talk about compensation and the like.

I know this will take someone a day or 2 at most but it will take me months to catch up to some of you guys.
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