How to remove/convert DRM protected WMV files?

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How to remove/convert DRM protected WMV files?

Postby hath88 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:27 am

How to remove/convert DRM protected WMV files?

"How to remove DRM protection from WMV video files? I have downloaded a WMV video file and when I tried to play the file, it is showing that the file is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. How can I crack DRM WMV and play protected WMV files on Mac, Windows Media Player or anywhere I want? Thanks."

When we downloaded and purchased video files from online video store, they will most likely be in WMV format. If you are "lucky", you will get WMV files with DRM protection. Many companies use DRM technology on video files to prevent users to playing them on various media players. With DRM license on WMV files, you don't actually own them. Because you can neither play DRM protected WMV on Mac, nor transfer them onto your iPad or devices.

If you are thinking about getting rid of WMV protection, I don't think you want to miss this professional WMV DRM RemovalDRM Media Converter. It's totally impossible to crack WMV DRM without the help of this program. And I can assure you that burning WMV to DVD will not help at all. However, with this professional yet easy-to-use DRM Converter for WMV, you can easily remove DRM protected WMV and watch DRM WMV videos on Mac or wherever you want. To enjoy and share your DRM copy protected WMV files freely, download the WMV DRM Remover and install it onto your computer.

Free Download iTunes DRM Converter

The above screen is how the software looks like when you installed and launched the WMV DRM Crack tool, then you may go through the steps bleow to free DRM WMV videos.

Step 1. By hitting on "Add" button, there will come up a new window where you can locate and go to the WMV folder to import them into the software. Or you can choose "Find DRM" and let the program scan your hard drvie and find the DRMed WMV videos for you. The files will shown on the interface once loaded.

Step 2. This all-in-one DRM WMV Converter is able to remove DRM protection and convert WMV files to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, M4V or whatever file type you need. You may choose the output file format from the drop-down list by clicking on "Video files to" button. As it indicates, you can simply select the media device you have as the output instead.

Step 3. Legally remove DRM from WMV. You really have to be able to play the file otherwise there's not really anything anyone can do for you. When you hit on "Start" button, Windows Media Player or iTunes may be launched to authorize your computer with the account and password you used to buy the WMV files. Once authorized, the software will start removing the DRM protection.

After the process is done, you can go to "Find Target" button and there you can get the non-DRM WMV files. If you have chosen to convert WMV to MP4 with this WMV DRM Removal Tool, then you can copy the files onto your Mac and play the DRMed WMV on Mac. Or you can sync the files to your devices for enjoying. Have fun.

More: ... m-wmv.html ... -free.html
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Re: How to remove/convert DRM protected WMV files?

Postby sambbosh » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:14 am

Have you ever come across the situation that the movies and TV Shows downloaded from iTunes Store cannot be played on your Android smartphone or tablet? In fact, the movies and TV Shows purchased/rented from iTunes Store are under DRM protection which limits users to enjoy them on non-apple devices.

iTunes M4V Converter for Mac can help you to get rid of the DRM protection from iTunes videos and convert M4V to MP4, 3GP, FLV and more as you like. This video tutorial covers:
1. Remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V videos to MP4.
2. Copy the converted videos to Android Nexus 7 for playback.

Watch Video Demo:



iTunes M4V Converter for Mac

* Get rid of iTunes DRM protection legally from iTunes purchased/rented movies and TV Shows
* Support multiple output formats such as WMV, MPG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, SWF, MOV, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA
* Enjoy iTunes videos anywhere on your PSP, Android tables, smartphones, portable multimedia players and more
* Customize settings for best viewing experience, Adjust profile settings like video size, aspect ratio and others

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