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help us with our (paid) Android user study!

Postby CapsaisinJunkie » Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:01 pm

Android study (you need an Android phone to participate)
We are looking for people willing to participate in surveys and studies relating to Android phones. You need an Android phone to participate. If you have an Android phone and is interested in participating, please read on.
Our studies require that you are willing to download a piece of code that logs call data and location data on your phone. The code will be uninstalled at the end of the study, or at any time before, should you decide to opt out from the study before it has concluded. The only functionality of the code will be to record, anonymize and submit usage data from your phone. All data will be anonymized before being submitted to our server, and you will be able to inspect all logs before they are submitted. No sensitive data will be exported. We will never publish your data, but will only publish aggregate data (such as general patterns of usage for all participants.)
The data will be used in a research study at Palo Alto Research Center ( to improve cell phone security. The study will last for approximately one month. The researcher in charge of the study is Markus Jakobsson,, whom you may contact if you have any questions.
The only goal of this particular task is to determine who is willing to participate once the main study has been approved by the Internal Review Board, and to establish what compensation is appropriate. To participate, you need to:
1. Have an Android phone, which you regularly use.
2. Install our software on it, which logs, anonymizes and submits usage data to our server. We will offer guarantees as to its behavior and functionality, so you will not have to be concerned about crashes or malicious behavior. You do not need to be a technical wiz to install our software; it will be straightforward.
3. Allow your phone to submit logs. You can set this to be done automatically using a simple configuration, or you can set it to require you first to review records. There is no other configuration required.
4. Uninstall the logging software at the end of the study. You may do this prior to the end of the study if you choose to.

If you're interested, please fill out short survey of only 4 questions! ... AKjg_3d_3d

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