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developers for a/v & automation project

Postby Syner » Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:34 pm

I am looking for people in the US to work on audio/visual and automation coding projects. We will create a company with equity ownership for all people involved on the team. i will provide hardware/software as needed for the projects. you will need to have your own computer for coding/testing/debugging/etc.

This will be part of a larger project in which various interfaces are covered for the consumer such as:

1. Android
2. Windows
3. Windows Media Center
4. Iphone
5. Mac OSX
6. Winmo
7. Vista sideshow
8. Blackberry
9. Maemo
10. Html, CSS, Wap, etc.
12. Java
13. Flash

Some examples might be:

1. Use your interface to control your t.v. turn your t.v. on/off and change channels. Use it to turn on/off/change temperature of your air conditioner or similar with lighting, motorized shades, power to appliances, etc. Be alerted from your security system.
2. The interface would be whatever you are most comfortable with. If you have a blackberry, why not control your your lights, hvac, etc. with it. Most people use the internet these days so control your dvr to record over the internet. Control or monitor your home remotely (lighting, hvac, etc. as well as video cameras, security systems, list goes on).
3. Use macros to do multiple steps with 1 button. For example, turn on the t.v., change the input to hdmi, turn on the cable box, and tune to your favorite channel with 1 button press.

If interested please pm or reply with a way to contact you. we can discuss in more detail from there.


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