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Postby CBCPresident » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:52 am

The days of the lone programmer locking himself in a room making the next Google are over. So where does that leave us? Teams. But why is finding the right team just so damn hard?

All the good teams just turn into companies. If you have experience programming mobile apps, building servers, making websites, or just really good at coding keep reading. I am starting up a team. Not just any random team of indie developers either.

Instead it is an organization for those who know they are the best in what they do. Only the truly skilled will be allowed on this team. To be a member of this team will be a honor, and a way for you to show your unique skills to the world. Maybe your spending all your time on odesk looking for projects and you know that is not what you want to spend your life doing.

We are people who got really good at what we do and decided that if we combined our mastery of skills we can create masterpieces. People respond to value, money is value, make a lot of money people respond to you. Its time to start benefiting from our hard work and show our genius to the world.

We are looking for the Rockstars of the computer world

This team is not a short term thing. It is a brotherhood where some of the most gifted minds can work together. Not everybody can join this team. There are some tests you must pass before being allowed in.

Answer the following question in an email to:
What makes you special?
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