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artist seeking talented dev partner

Postby anonymoose » Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:41 pm

Hey friends. Im seeking out an android programming partner to team up with to make fairly simple, clean, attractive games for the android market. My interest in game development stems from my passion for the games of old, utilizing minimal effort and data to make the most enticing game experience possible. Thankfully today we can expand on those limitations but the same rules of game design should still apply :]

About me, ive been working on games for the last decade and want to finally dev the types of games that are fun and enjoyable (to me) for a change. Ive worked on a wide range of resolutions and platforms in the past as well. Id rather not to divulge specifics until i have more private conversations with any interested persons :]. At that time i can share plenty of samples of my work.

My ultimate goal for this is largely the passion of creating an engaging product that people can enjoy, and if it can make some cash then that would be awesome, but fine if its released for free.

If you think id be a good partner to work with id love to hear from you either via pm or thread response. I have ideas but im also open to concepting something new as well.
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