Android Port for the HTC Rhodium [Port: $1125/ Rom: $2435]

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Android Port for the HTC Rhodium [Port: $1125/ Rom: $2435]

Postby dbwun » Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:42 pm

This is a call out for and Android development team to start codeing an Android port for the HTC Rhodium (also called the Touch Pro 2, Tilt 2). Support for bot the CDMA and GSM versions are vital.

For a bootable Rom that works with the QWERTY keyboard and contains suitable functionality

The bounty is $1125 US Dollars.

For a native Rom, which is flashable to the HTC Touch Pro 2 which will replace the WinMobile OS the bounty is $2345.

If you are considering moving forward with this project please contact me (dbwun) on or "EGOvoruhk" or "jutley".

Here are some links which may help.

HTC Android Site:
The Bounty thread:
Another Thread with relevant information on other HTC Android Ports/Roms:
HTC TOUCH PRO 2 SPECS: ... ation.html

We are looking for somone experienced in Android development and willing to put it time and effort along with a team. Needs to be able to meet deadlines and be easily contactable.

The developer must contact one of us before starting the project.
Thank you for your time.
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