ADC1 Top 10 Winner looking for new teammates for ADC2

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ADC1 Top 10 Winner looking for new teammates for ADC2

Postby chulls » Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:56 am

Our team, Life360, is looking to add to our group for the upcoming ADC2.

If you are an Android fanatic and want a jumpstart on the next competition shoot me an email.

We have a few pretty big legs up, such as:
-In House design, dev, and product teams
-Dataset of judge behavior from our winning ADC 1 entry
-A fully functional backend and codebase that will power our ADC 2 submission

Experienced Android developers are great, but we are also open to rookies who are willing to work hard to learn the ropes. In addition to prize sharing, we can offer a stock options package that will give a second chance for an upside whether or not we win the competition again.

All specialties are needed, but we have our eye out for interface wizards!

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