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[Android] 3D Game For Mobile Systems

Postby Rockinoutt93 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:41 pm

Team name:
None, This has evolved from a previous team.

Project Name:

Brief description:
Currently me and 2 other programmers our in the works of developing a 3d game sample for the android system. eventually we will use what is learned from the first game as well as some of the "overdeveloped" code for the game towards a game engine. the first game is going to be a Pong game which will include the features of... audio, physics/collision, AI, Networking(between 2 devices), 3D Graphics, 2D Graphics(The Menus).

Target aim:
The First game will be free possibly with an ad, but the games following will be for sale, or ad based revenue. in the future we may also sell the game engine, but that is for discussion at a later date.

Only in Royalties to profit of games or game engine; a system will be made.

Android SDK, and Android NDK(Native Development Kit).
OpenGL ES 2.0.
Eclipse IDE(coding IDE for both the SDK and NDK).

Talent needed:
Programmers x1: Must have knowledge of C++ or Java, and be willing to learn the other. also some knowledge of android SDK and NDK is a plus aswell as mobile networking.

Web Developer/Designer x1: Looking for someone who can create us a website aswell as project sub-sites.

3D Artists x2: Looking for people to help create content for future games in the works, also Demos of our engine.

2D Artists x1: Creating game GUI as well as menus. also(eventually) creating art for our engines GUI.

Sound/Composer x1: looking for someone who can do sound effects/compose for games.

Team structure:
(Me) Bryan Monsalvatge: Project Leader, and SDK Programmer and NDK Programmer; Java, and C++. Experience in the Android SDK.
Iliya Dimitrov: NDK Programmer, C++. Good knowledge in A.I.
Vijesh: NDK Programmer, C++. Good knowledge of physics and simulations, as well as A.I.

None Currently.

Best connection is with Skype.
Email: Dreadnought93@gmail.com
Skype: Rockinoutt93
MSN: Rockinoutt93@hotmail.com

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
I want to say we are all taking this project very seriously, and we are hoping to also learn from this project. Another thing is that we need plenty of time and dedication to achieve this goal within a reasonable time, so therefore i will be using a project management system to set milestones as well as track the meeting of those goals by members, and meetings will be set regularly in the future once a larger team is setup. Thank you all for reading.

System.out.println("help us...");
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