2 Strategies to Play Flash Movie on Huawei Ascend D1

2 Strategies to Play Flash Movie on Huawei Ascend D1

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Bordering headquarter of Nokia Mobile in Finland is just one particular move in Huawei's tactic to come to be a well-known phone maker. Offering speedy quad-core mobiles like Ascend D1 turns out to be the next. Once issued in February, Ascend D1 was indeed the speediest cell in the society. But, the detained shipping time made by devoid of raw material has gotten Ascend D1 a follower in quad-core smartphone segment. While at the present time, Ascend D1 is not the sole choice in quad-core phone industry, it is absolutely a well-liked one. In terms of software, Ascend D1 gains good assistance from Android sector as an Android 4.0 driven device. When it relates to hardware, Ascend D1 is actually second to none.

Acquiring a large-size IPS LCD display runing at 1080p, Ascend D1 defeats other quad-core mobiles like Galaxy S3 in terms to pixel density. The Excellent rear end digital camera owning editible characteristics, the 1.5GHz quad-core processor chip, the long-lasting battery supplying 10-hour talk time as well as the inserted storage area of 16GB has made Ascend D1
a most desirable mobile phone in the world. Additionally, Ascend D1 is sold with a rather low cost, turning it the finest choice for iPhone 5 as Christmas gift. Yet, Ascend D1 fails to utilized as a Flash player.

Why can't owners perform Flash on Ascend D1? Banned accesses to Flash Player is definitely one reason and even the absence of excellent Flash Player alternative turns out to be a second. Yet, it is a tough process to help consumers enjoy Flash on Ascend D1. The quick solution turns out to be to aid consumers mount Flash Player for Ascend D1. An effective one is to help consumers transfer Flash animation to film for Ascend D1 . As a result, two approaches will be provided using which consumers can enjoy Flash SWF on Ascend D1 freely.

The First Method: Set up Flash Player on Ascend D1

When one is able to mount Flash Player in Ascend D1, he can quickly enjoy Flash SWF on Ascend D1. As a substitute for deleting the support of Flash Player to ICS mobile, the escaping of Flash Player on August 15, 2012 exclusively makes it difficult for Ascend D1 fans to discover matching Adobe Flash Player resources. In a word, once buyers can easily locate the correct resource, he is able to play Flash SWF on Ascend D1 along with installed Adobe Flash Player. Yet, this valuable strategy is only feasible for consumers with Android items equipped with OS from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0. To locate the sources of corresponding mobile Flash Player, consumers can easily key in "Flash Payer archive" in Google and after that choose the appropriate Flash Player in this specific web page. Immediately after getting the APK data file, Ascend D1 is going to turn out to be a powerhouse for Flash animation enjoyment.

Method II: Transform Flash to Ascend D1 film

For Ascend D1 consumers who sense the first tactic complicated or who have modified the products to Jelly Bean, they can work out the challenge of observing SWF on Ascend D1 by switching Flash to Ascend D1 converter. Nonetheless, earlier than the alteration is executed, a powerful Flash to Ascend D1 conversion application is apparently required. As a result, owners can easily utilize an amazing Flash to Ascend D1 film program called Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter.

Step One: Acquire and mount Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter, which can be employed to help consumers play SWF on Ascend D1.

Step Two: Wide open the conversion application and after that import the Flash file with "Browser…" switch in "Input" tab. "From Fold" alternative is actually for importing local Flash animation while "From URL" is utilized to switch online Flash to Ascend D1

The Third Step: Whilst MP4 film turns out to be supported by Ascend D1, consumers are required to change the Flash SWF to MP4 film. As a result, click on "Export" tab, check "Video" box and after that define the ouput format as MP4 in the drop-down menu of "Profile".

Step 4: Click on "Settings" switch in the "Export" tab to go into Profile screen where different film variables rest. And then change the Flash SWF to an outstanding Ascend D1 film by defining the video measurement of the ouput movie as "1280X720" and even video codec as "H.264".

Step 5: After all of the steps, simply click "Convert" tab to enter into corresponding screen. Afterward set out to turn Flash to Ascend D1 film using "Play and Capture" and "Finish" switches. As the conversion stops, users can watch SWF on Ascend D1 freely.
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