New HTC Device To Challenge The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

New HTC Device To Challenge The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Postby andry9 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:37 am

The new Galaxy Note 2 is now available to consumers and is already showing to be a great success which is thanks to its great specification and the large 5.6 inch display that it offers. Because of this success and that of its predecessor many rival companies are now working on phones which can rival it and such as the new DLX device from HTC.

The Note range from Samsung are the only devices which offer consumers a phone that sports a screen which is over 5 inches and it is this great display which has earned it great success. Many companies have tried to release similar models, but until now none of them have come close. HTC have been working on the new DLX which may prove to be stiff competition for Samsung. There has not yet been any confirmation on what the new model will offer however a list of the specifications has been released on Twitter which gives us a small idea of what great features we can expect to see. It will boast a 5 inch display which is smaller than that found on the Galaxy Note 2, but is still large enough for this device to be classed as a ‘phablet. We can also expect to see a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 processor, 1.5GB of RAM memory and a 12 mega pixel primary camera. For more
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 News please visit our website.

We will have to wait and see if the new HTC device will be as popular with consumers as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 however Samsung are expecting it to be the success story of 2012. When the original version of the Note was release there was a lot of doubt surrounding the size of the phone but it proved to be very successful and managed to sell over 10 million units. This newer version will offer consumers improved specification in nearly all areas of the such as the size of the display which has been increased by 0.3 of an inch. With these improvements it is expected that this new smartphone will shift around 20 million units and will join the Samsung Galaxy S3 as one of Samsung’s leading devices.

There have been many rival companies that have tried but most have failed to come close to the success that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has had. HTC are now hoping that the release of their new DLX handset will prove to be its strongest competition.

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