HTC's version of Android is a mess?

HTC's version of Android is a mess?

Postby Draffodx » Fri Feb 05, 2010 2:59 pm

Anybody else notice bugs in HTC's Hero?

I have been developing on it for a number of months now and notice numerous bugs and android api's that are broken in HTC's Android version whereas they work perfectly on vanilla Android on my G1

On some builds the OUT_GOING_CALL broadcast is not sent from the dialer.

And on all builds when you fire an activity from the dialer screen a dialer icon opens in the recently used apps screen and when you click on it, it then restarts your own activity instead of the dialer.

So coding around there dilaer seems to be a bit of a mess, its higly frustrating when it works so well on vanilla android.

Anyone else notice similair?
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