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Precursor to a project

Postby ellievnam46 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:07 am

Precursor to a project

Watch Carrie Online While Campbell shied away from talk of bringing back Ash when the reboot was being promoted at New York Comic Con last year, he recently confessed to crowds at Wizard World Nashville Comic Con that an Army of Darkness sequel is officially in the works. Really no one other than Raimi should helm such an effort, so it's a great relief to hear he will returning. It remains to be seen what kind of trouble Ash will get into next, much less how his journey can be tied into Mia's.

Watch Escape Plan Online One obstacle for blending these two film worlds will be merging their wildly different tones. Alvarez's reboot ditched the lunacy and comedy of Raimi's later Evil Dead offerings in favor of a more trendy take on horror. In the wake of torture porn hits like Saw and Hostel, this meant scenes so brutal and gory that they spurred walkouts in some screenings. With Alvarez's Evil Dead pulling in $97 million worldwide, it's little wonder that Raimi has finally found time to get back in bed with Ash and his ghoulish adversaries. But as much of a fan as I am of the original trilogy, I am having a hard time imagining what the future of this franchise will look like.

Watch Gravity Online Here's the trailers for the Evil Dead reboot and Army of Darkness just so you can see how tone alone might be hard to transition. If this some kind of Halloween hoax, rabid horror fans will see that heads roll. Fede Alvarez, director of the Evil Dead remake, has announced on Twitter that the original Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi will return to the franchise to direct the Army of Darkness sequel.

Watch One Direction This is Us Online Early last week we learned that the list of actors being considered for the lead in the upcoming John Belushi biopic had been whittled down to just four names. Emile Hirsch, Adam Devine, Adam DeMamp (of Comedy Central’s Workaholics) and Joaquin Phoenix were reportedly the final performers whom director Steve Conrad and the producers were considering for the part - and today they've officially made their decision. Hirsch, who was most recently seen earlier this year starring alongside Paul Rudd in David Gordon Green's Prince Avalanche, has been cast to play the Animal House and Saturday Night Live star.

Watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Online Based on a script written by Conrad, whose credits include The Pursuit of Happyness, The Weather Man and the upcoming The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the biopic will tell the true story of how Belushi used his incredible comedic genius to become one of the biggest comedians in film and television, only to have it all ripped away by drugs and alcohol. The star died at the young age of 33 in Los Angeles, California due to an overdose of cocaine and heroin. Dan Aykroyd, who was one of Belushi's best friends and frequent collaborators, will be serving as executive producer on the project (and will very likely be a character in the story).

Watch All is Lost Online Taking on the role, of course, will be a sincere challenge for Hirsch - as it would be for any actor. Belushi was truly one of a kind performer with truly brilliant timing, and if Hirsch can really tap into it, it has the potential to be incredible. Relive some of Belushi's best moments in the clips below. Production on the film is looking to start next spring in New York. Unless it can somehow come together incredibly quickly, we can likely expect the film to come out some time in 2015. Before he steps into Belushi's skin, Hirsch will next be seen playing legendary outlaw Clyde Barrow in the two part miniseries Bonnie & Clyde, which will simulcast over two straight nights in early December on The History Channel, A&E and Lifetime. In terms of features, the young actor will next be a part of the excellent ensemble that makes up Peter Berg's war film Lone Survivor, which will be getting a limited release on December 27th. Check out the trailer:

Watch The Smurfs 2 Online While Zimmer has had past experience with both Batman and Superman, this will be his first time crafting a score for the web-slinging wall-crawler. Danny Elfman wrote the theme and the music for Sam Raimi's first two Spider-Man movies before he was replaced by Christopher Young on Spider-Man 3, and Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man featured music by James Horner. You can get a sampling of their contributions in the videos below.Rumors of Evil Dead 4 are have been floating around since Army of Darkness, the third film in the horror franchise, debuted in 1992. But with Raimi moving on to Hollywood projects like The Quick and the Dead, the Spider-Man trilogy, and Oz the Great and Powerful, it seemed more and more likely that a follow-up of Ash's misadventures with the gruesome Necronomicon would never happen.

Alvarez first mentioned the possibility of Army of Darkness 2 last Spring at WonderCon, insisting that the film could be a precursor to a project that would bring together the characters of his Evil Dead from earlier this year and Raimi's, meaning Bruce Campbell's Ash and Jane Levy's Mia could at some point join forces or face-off. Raimi himself confessed last March that he and his brother Ivan would be working on an Evil Dead 4 script in the summer of 2013, and according to >the original Evil Dead star, the script would be penned to play into the idea of an eventual Ash/Mia crossover.
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