3 Strategies to Play PowerPoint on HDTV

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3 Strategies to Play PowerPoint on HDTV

Postby gary6540 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:20 am

Along with the promotion of science and technology, PowerPoint entertaining happens to be no longer the privilege of traditional computer. Seeing as a great tool in amusing and even working grounds, PowerPoint happens to be at this moment accessible to numerous devices ranging from phone to HDTV. In general, consumers pick cell phone as PowerPoint presentation player because of its portable style and HDTV for its exceptional and also impressive display screen. For numerous customers, watching PPT on Lumia 920 mobile, a crafted amusing tool, is actually pretty understandable while viewing PowerPoint file on HDTV happens to be not. For the most part built for film entertainment, HDTV is in fact incompatible with PowerPoint. Then in what ways can one watch PPT on HDTV? Here 3 tactics tend to be protected to help customers watch PowerPoint file on HDTV.

The First Method: Enjoy PowerPoint file through HDMI

Even though PowerPoint presentation happens to be not compatible to HDTV, it is viewable on smartphone. For that reason, a realistic method for customers to play PowerPoint presentation on HDTV happens to be to attach PowerPoint-supportive phone to HDTV through HDMI port. Surely, the HDMI slot and also the capability to play PowerPoint smoothly happen to be the simple demands for the cell phone. As a consequence, Windows phone such as Lumia 620 seems to be a good alternative. In the actual fact, Microsoft Office Mobile are able to better support PowerPoint file than PowerPoint choices such as Quickoffice. Nevertheless, as a consequence of the limitations of phone version of Office 2013, PowerPoint happens to be not as completely accessible on cell phone as it is on the personal computer.

The Second Method: Play PowerPoint presentation on YouTube

In fact, consumers are allowed to turn the PPT to film and next post the PowerPoint to YouTube. Simply in this way are users able to visit YouTube and also enjoy PPT on HDTV as soon as Wi-Fi connection happens to be accessible. Nevertheless, this excellent method is just accessible for HDTVs with support to sites. Additionally, considering that a few HDTVs haven't been attached to inserted Wi-Fi, they are allowed to simply visit YouTube using the assist of some Adapters. Obviously, because the branches of the HDTVs differ, the branches of suitable Wi-Fi adapters differ. For that reason, even though this amazing tactic delivers end users a direct option to see PowerPoint file on HDTV, it happens to be quite challenging in operations.

Method III: Convert PowerPoint to DVD disc

The last approach to help customers watch PowerPoint presentation on HDTV happens to be to turn PowerPoint to DVD. In this way, users have the ability to not only get pleasure from PowerPoint file on HDTV without Internet link, but additionally deal with the irritating incompatibility challenge. In addition, once the PowerPoint presentation is burned to DVD film, performing PowerPoint on HDTV is going to be a real visible feast. Of course, to make this particular strategy performs, users need to figure out a perfect PowerPoint to DVD convsersion program such as Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.

Step 1: Get and even launch Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Open up it and after that click on "Add" image in the menu of "Import" tab to add the PPT file for conversion process.

The Second Step: Choose DVD alternatives like DVD mode utilizing "Options" tab, modify DVD movie menu using "Menu" tab, add background songs to the DVD video with "Music" choice and also add image watermark to the DVD file using "Logo" tab.

The Third Step: Soon after all of the steps, select "Burn" tab, examine "Burn to Disc" box and after that just click "Start" image to begin changing PowerPoint to DVD. Seeing as the procedure ends, customers can easily watch PowerPoint presentation on HDTV via DVD Player.
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