Zune DRM Removal - Remove DRM from Zune rental movies

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Zune DRM Removal - Remove DRM from Zune rental movies

Postby cheikh52 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:03 am

Watch Video Demo:

Zune Marketplace delivers a great number of movies for renting. When you rent a movie from Zune Marketplace, the rented movie is only available to you for 14 days. Once you start playing the video, you have a 24-hour period of time. If the movie is expired, you could not watch it any more.

Besides, the movie you rented on computer can only be viewed on this computer. It is really disappointing when you want to share the movie with your friends.

Do you want to keep the rental movies for playback permanently? From now on, you absolutely can get rid of the restrictions from the Zune Marketplace rental movies with the DRM Media Converter for Windows. The video will show you how to remove DRM from Zune Marketplace rental movies step by step!
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