Working on a new SDK - feedback appreciated.

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Working on a new SDK - feedback appreciated.

Postby code4food » Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:54 am

I've been lurking here for some time. Wanted to share a pretty cool project I've been working on and hopefully get some feedback.

I've been building Android apps for almost 3 years now (previous background in symbian and windows mobile) and one thing that I've wanted is an SDK to include basic community functionality in an application (forums, chat, etc). Kind of like phpBB for Android.

I know there's offerings like OpenFeint out there for games, but I want an SDK that builds a community specific to my application. Users will create an account specific to "Application X." Similar to how phpBB powers thousands of forums, but people still register with each specific forum.

I decided that building this SDK would be a fun weekend project. :) I'm about 70% done with a basic version (hosted on google's app engine). It will be free and (hopefully) very easy to integrate.

I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow developers. Would you be interested in this SDK? What features would you want to see? Feel free to PM me if you want to be part of the beta testing or have private feedback.
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