With low version MediaPad 10 FHD huawei issued new plate Med

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With low version MediaPad 10 FHD huawei issued new plate Med

Postby Hotcandy » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:32 am

In CES2013, huawei in addition to display has been listed in the MediaPad 10 FHD the flagship Android flat outside, still took out one of the ten inches of new tablet PC - MediaPad 10 Link. From the name to see words, this kind of MediaPad 10 Link and MediaPad 10 FHD only suffix is different, in fact, from the appearance and configuration to see words, MediaPad 10 Link can be seen as MediaPad 10 FHD low with version.
Configuration, this kind of huawei Media Pad and Link tablet PC, with a piece of ten inches of IPS screen, screen resolution for 1280 x 800, built-in Android 4.0 operating system, carrying huawei haisi K3V2 Cortex - A9 processor. The memory is 1 gb, storage capacity is divided into eight gb / 16 gb / 32 gb three block, support 3 g, Wifi, bluetooth 3.0 and GPS navigation, thickness of 9.9 mm.
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