Windows Phone 8 system will be "in the factory" in July?

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Windows Phone 8 system will be "in the factory" in July?

Postby mariojerry484 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:33 am

According to media reports, they received reliable sources, said the next generation of WP system, namely the Windows Phone 8 Apollo system, will be introduced to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in July, in order to make the OEM prepare to upgrade their own equipment.


In addition, the news also revealed two happy matter: one OEM can customized WP8 system for new equipment, one is the current WP equipment "no doubt" will be able to upgrade to WP8 system.

About Windows Phone 8 release date, there were no exact message comes out, but many equipment manufacturers have been in a fight, ready to get the "start". These manufacturers including samsung, HTC, lenovo and Huawei, etc--of course, and WP strategy partner nokia.

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